Staffing philosophy

In Colten Care we employ many more staff than we have residents; our staffing levels are acknowledged as being among the best in the care sector. All staff working in Avon Reach, whether in nursing, activities, cleaning, catering or gardening, are encouraged to think of themselves as part of a single team, with care and respect for the individuality of every resident as a fundamental part of their responsibilities. Together we strive to create a warm and harmonious environment where residents can feel fulfilled and content, and where their families feel welcome as a continuing part of their loved ones’ lives.

Staff testimonials

"I have worked at Avon Reach since 2005 and have been delighted with the support and training I have received and give myself 100% to achieve these for both myself and the residents I care for."

"I have worked here for 10 years . It’s a lovely place to work, which is why so many of us have worked here for such a long time. Our home has a relaxed, calm and friendly atmosphere. Plus you can take a walk to the sea after work!"

"I started as a housekeeper, then trained and qualified as social carer where I have had a lot of satisfaction over the last 3 years caring for our residents."


Colten Care’s reputation among care professionals means that our homes routinely attract the best candidates for vacancies. Once they have joined us they are supported by comprehensive and continuing training, supervised by dedicated training officers. All managers have leadership and management diplomas, while active links with Bournemouth and Southampton universities ensure we keep abreast of the latest thinking on care training.