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It’s time to recognise the great things that you do as an individual or One Team within Colten. We want to celebrate this by having a special awards event to showcase our Colten Champions.

Nominate your Champion now, below.

Colten Champions 2018:

  • Open to everyone in Colten Care or Colten Developments
  • A mix of individual and team awards
  • Categories which encompass all roles

Finalists enjoy an award ceremony with excellent food and drink and press coverage.

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What makes a strong nomination?

One which is heartfelt, specific and compelling. We want examples. Where possible,we want to know how you feel and what a difference this person or team has made to your life.
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Champion Categories

  • Founders’ Award - John Colwell and Adrian Otten will award an outstanding individual who has demonstrated sustained notable talent, commitment or achievement within the Colten Group (no nominations)
  • Values Award - An individual that clearly demonstrates Colten Care’s core values in their work. Our values are: friendly, kind, individual, reassuring and honest. When have you seen these values displayed by a member of staff? What did they do specifically that makes you feel they are deserving of the Values Award?
  • In-home Team of the Year - A team, which not only works well together, but regularly delivers a service above and beyond expectations, that has led to great outcomes. How has this impacted upon residents, relatives and staff and/or improved overall standards?
  • Support Team of the YearA team that is the backbone of the company and whose contribution and commitment in support of our homes or building sites has improved our ways of working. Who are the team and what have they done to make a difference?


  • Resident Engagement - An individual who has created meaningful experiences for residents, either within or beyond their usual scope of work. How has this individual made a difference to the lives of one, or several, of our residents in a planned or spontaneous way?
  • Pride in your Home - A person, or team, who goes above and beyond with their care and attention to ensure that their home is always beautifully presented inside and out. Who, or which team, always displays pride in their surroundings inside and/or outside?
  • Clinical Excellence- An individual who consistently demonstrates excellent clinical capability and commitment to create positive outcomes and inspire others. Who do you feel you can turn to when you need assistance in difficult clinical matters?
  • Caring Excellence - A caring and compassionate individual, who goes beyond expectations in their role to have a positive impact on residents and/or their families. Who has shown that they genuinely care and how have they enriched someone's life?
  • Warm Welcome - An individual that has shown exceptional standards of customer service across Colten. Who always has a warm welcome regardless of how busy they are? How do they make you feel?
  • Learner of the YearAn individual that has demonstrated tremendous commitment to developing their own skills, talent and experience. Who has really shown dedication to doing “better”? What have they done and what did you admire about their approach?
  • Dining ExperienceAn individual or team that has shown talent and passion for creating outstanding mealtime experiences for residents and their families. Is this something they do on a day-to-day basis, or was something organised for a one-o􀄣 special occasion? How have they made such a positive impression?
  • Living our Dementia Promise - An individual or team that has ‘brought to life’ our dementia promise within their work: Supporting you to overcome the challenges associated with dementia. How has their care improved the lives of those living with dementia and made a dfference to a relative, resident or colleague?

Closing date 31st January 2018!!