We recognise that many of our residents had such gardens themselves, and that gardening has been a special pastime for them. We like to think that we can offer residents the opportunity to continue that pastime in whatever way they feel appropriate. 

Whether you enjoy walking amongst the blossoming buds, or just simply wish to keep a watchful eye on the sparrows and squirrels, we hope you find a piece of the garden to make your own.

Charl​es Hubberstey, Colten Care Head Gardener

"Court Lodge has a well established garden with many aspects to the small garden. A newly established quiet garden provides somewhere where residents came sit out either on their own or with family and friends and I
have tried to make this area a stimulating and interesting area with many aromatic plants and a small selection
of fruit and vegetables. This garden is a joy to behold in the spring when the Cherry trees cover the entire paving area with their pink petals.

The main garden has a wonderful pergola running along it length with Wisteria and vines covering it. A challenge
to maintain but well worth the effort for when the Wisteria blossoms it drapes the entire walkway in fantastic blue/mauve flowers with a delicious scent. This is then followed by the enormous leaves of the vine with its fruit
in the autumn and beautiful coloured foliage. Residents and staff always comment on how beautiful the garden looks and it is my challenge to provide interest all year round by the careful selection of plants in the borders
along with an ever changing array of pots of colour for both the entrance to the home and the patio area that is used all year round".

David Aylieff-Sansom, Gardener at Court Lodge

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