We take great pride in the letters received by our homes each day.  Many of these letters evidence that our values are alive and well in our homes, practised by our teams.  We have extracted and quoted excerpts from some of these letters to provide some insight into what life might be like in one of our homes.  The original version of the full letters (with personal details removed) are available in each homes' reception for you to browse at your leisure.  You can also check carehome.co.uk for independent home reviews.

  • "Our relative said how lucky she was to have found 'this place' and we all thought so too!"
    Leigh (relative)

    21 March 2018
  • "Thank you for the wonderful care, attention and support"
    Eileen (daughter of resident)

    16 March 2018
  • "My first visit to Fernhill and an absolute pleasure to be there"
    Shirley (friend of resident)

    16 March 2018
  • "We are all hugely appreciative and feel very lucky that Mum is in such a happy and safe envrionment"
    Betty (daughter of resident)

    16 March 2018
  • "I cant thank you enough for the care and support you have given Mum"
    Stephanie (daughter of resident)

    16 March 2018
  • "I couldn't help noticing what excellent care and attention both to body and soul my Husband was receiving"
    Pamela (wife to resident)

    16 March 2018
  • "We will be forever grateful for the years of kind attention our relative received"
    Susie (relative)

    15 March 2018
  • "Thank you for all your help, understanding and patience"
    Eleanor (wife of resident)

    15 March 2018
  • "I always had confidence in the staff and the care our Mother received"
    Vicki (daughter of resident)

    14 March 2018
  • "Thank you all so much for the wonderful love and care you gave our Mum "
    Judith (daughter of resident)

    14 March 2018