Hosting our own Scouting ‘jamboree’

9 March 2022

We invited residents to rekindle practical skills learned decades ago when they were Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides

Here at Abbey View we laid on a fun-filled ‘jamboree’ of knot-tying, semaphore and basic first aid, awarding badges to successful participants.

We were helped by input from the 1st Yetminster Scout Group who even made an imitation campfire for the occasion.

Sara Foster of our Companionship Team said: “Many of our residents are former Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or Guides and we thought it would be great fun to relive their days wearing a woggle.

“We sourced Scouting and Guiding memorabilia and historical photos to decorate the lounge and invited residents to try their hand at some of the activities and skills they would have practised as children such as tying knots and using semaphore to relay messages.

“We thank all our friends at 1st Yetminster for making the badges which residents were proud to ‘earn’ and wear on special sashes just like a traditional uniform.

“The campfire was a lovely focal point for us to gather round and sing some songs.

Yvonne Willway wears a scout scarf and woggle“It was all about helping residents to reminisce about their time in the Cubs, Brownies, Scouts and Guides in their younger years.”

Julie Brown was one of the residents who revived semaphore skills. She said: “It was a fantastic event. Everyone enjoyed the scouting memorabilia and the activities. It was a very happy afternoon full of smiles and laughter that brought back lots of treasured memories.”

Our Home Manager Elena Barna said: “It was brilliant to engage with a local Scout and Guide group on our very own in-house jamboree.

“As 1st Yetminster was founded way back in the 1930s, some of our residents who come from the local area have had long-standing connections with the group.

“Enabling residents to maintain and strengthen contact with the community, especially across the generations, is part and parcel of what we do here at Abbey View.”

Throughout the world, Scouts and Guides have traditionally attended large rallies or gatherings known as jamborees every four years.

The name dates from 1920 when the first such event was hosted in the UK. The 25th World Jamboree is due to be held in Korea in 2023.