Marjorie 102nd Birthday

4 February 2023

We celebrated with Marjorie on her 102nd birthday!

Residents and staff all jokingly said we could omit the “0” from Marjorie’s birthday banner and switch around the 1 and 2 and make her 21 again! Marjorie LOVED that! We all sang Happy Birthday in our best voices. Marjorie sang in Welsh choirs back in the day and was very proud of her Welsh heritage. Resident Marie, who is also a fellow Welsh-born and bred lady, shared some stories from a book about the late Welsh actor Richard Burton. Across the room, one of our residents shouted “Bore da” to which Marjorie immediately responded with enthusiasm “Bore da”. (Good day in Welsh!)

What an incredible milestone and such a wonderful woman.  Lechyd da Marjorie! (Good Health Marjorie!)