Thank You Cards For Random Acts Of Kindness Day

10 February 2024

With Random Act of Kindness Day just around the corner, Abbey View’s Art Club embarked on a heart-warming project to create thank you cards.

Our home is blessed with numerous visitors and dedicated staff members who continually go above and beyond to support our residents, and we wanted to express our gratitude in a special way.

Using a creative watercolour technique, we utilized cookie cutters to craft distinctive designs on each card.

Judith, with her calligraphy expertise, added the finishing touch by elegantly inscribing “Thank You” messages on every card.

It was a thoughtful and artistic endeavour that allowed us to convey our appreciation to those who contribute to the warmth and wellbeing of our home.

These handmade cards will serve as tokens of gratitude, spreading kindness and brightening the days of those who receive them.