Our Gardens

At Colten Care, we pride ourselves on our beautiful and stimulating gardens. We recognise that many of our residents had such gardens themselves, and that gardening may have been a special pastime for them. We like to think that we can offer residents the opportunity to continue that pastime in whatever way they feel appropriate.

Whether you enjoy walking amongst the blossoming buds, or just simply wish to keep a watchful eye on the sparrows and squirrels, we hope you find a piece of the garden to make your own.

Above: Charl​es Hubberstey, Colten Care Head Gardener

"There's always something new"
"This is a typical comment from a resident as they return from their regular walk of the garden. Being the first to spot and report on the earliest snowdrop or runner bean becomes a badge or honour, as other residents spread the news that John or Doris has shared over dinner.

I am often reminded that even if one is experiencing some personal pain or sense of loss, the sight of new flowers coming into bloom or changes in light as it filters through the leaves on trees viewed from your window, can take you out of yourself, and connect you with the seasons.

As a gardener, I enjoy sharing my love of nature with such appreciative and knowledgeable people as our residents. One such person kindly gave me three rosa 'Munstead Wood' from his much loved home garden. He visited them every day to watch their progress, as, like him, they tentatively put down roots in new soil and had to adapt to new conditions and companions. He was thrilled to tell me when another resident said the colour of his roses were her favourite of all the many roses in the garden."

Collette Sloanan, Gardener at Abbotts Barton  

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