Abbotts Barton News

Havant South Downs College

SOUTH DOWNS COLLEGE ABYesterday we were invited to Havant South Downs College for a Fine Dining Experience.  The college were having a apprenticeship week and the chefs who actually work for Fullers but are doing their apprenticeships  at the college, kindly cooked a delicious three course meal for us, each course having three options, we all had little favour boxes and the meal was ended with coffee or tea. We were greeted with open arms and  coffee, tea, biscuits  and a fruit cup, the service was exceptional, the ambience fantastic and the food pretty good as well. We all thoroughly enjoyed our bus trip. We travelled cross country both ways and saw lovely little quaint villages on the way. All in all it was a great day out. From left to right in the photo we have Meg Read, Freda Smith, Richard Annis, Tamas Marton ( Minibus Driver), Hermione Pipon and Jean Ward.