Gingerbread House

22 December 2023

In the festive days leading up to Christmas, we embarked on a delightful adventure of building and decorating our very own gingerbread house.

The creative team consisted of Shirley Prince, Auriol Whitworth, Pam Richards, and Shelia Thompson, all ready to dive into the sweet and sugary construction project.

As we gathered to assemble our gingerbread masterpiece, laughter and camaraderie filled the air.

However, we soon realised that keeping the house upright presented a bit of a challenge – a task made easier with teamwork and lots of good spirits!

Despite the initial hurdles, the joy of crafting something special together added an extra layer of sweetness to our holiday preparations.

Auriol shared her enthusiasm, describing the experience as “a brilliant idea!”

It was indeed a first-time adventure for everyone involved, making the gingerbread house not just a festive decoration but a cherished memory of teamwork and festive fun.