Thank You Day

2 July 2023

For National Thank You Day, we celebrated the special occasion by hosting a tea gathering for both our residents and staff members.

We played a recording of Tony Christie’s “Thank You for Being a Friend” and had a few rehearsals beforehand. We were thrilled to come together with our nurses and carers to perform the song as a group. The atmosphere was filled with joy as we witnessed numerous smiles and saw people swaying to the music.

As a lovely gesture, some of our residents had created Thank You cards during our Craft Club, which we proudly presented to each team.

The enjoyment we experienced during our performance prompted us to sing the song all over again, enjoying the uplifting spirit it brought to our home.

Pauline Elliot expressed her delight, saying, “That was brilliant! I’ve been watching people singing this song on the national news, and I’m glad we had the chance to do it too. It truly had a real feel-good factor.”