Amberwood House News

A very little snow man!

It was such an exciting day for all of us, especially the residents to see the snow fall and the beautiful white Amberwood House garden. Residents enjoyed taking their pictures while watching the snow by windows, seeing a very little snow man made them laugh!  The staff had a challenge, as either we couldn't go home or come to work, but nothing could stop us looking after our residents! Gill the Home Manager started serving tea's and coffee's and having chats with the residents. Barbie the RN carried on working for 30 hours, Vicky and Christian worked hours after their shifts finished. Colten Companion, Zahra, stayed untill the day after and helped in different areas as kitchen staff and health care assistant. One of our other carers was helping bringing the other staff to work with his 4x4 vehicle. A very nice memory of the snow fall and team work!