Balloon Modelling Fun

24 October 2023

As the dark and dull days began to set in, we decided it was time for some new and joyous experiences that would bring lots of laughter to our residents at Amberwood House.

That’s when we had the pleasure of booking Chris, the talented balloon modeller. A large crowd eagerly gathered as he made a promise to craft a special balloon for every single resident.

Edi was particularly intrigued by Chris’s skill and enthusiastically asked him many questions about his profession and how he learned to create balloon animals so swiftly. Chris also shared some of his magic tricks, to which Edi expressed her interest in becoming his apprentice, revealing her long-held desire to be the lady sawn in half. The room was filled with various balloon creations, including parrots on perches, aliens, butterflies, dogs, beautiful bunches of flowers, and, my personal favourite, the ladybird.

Judy’s smile radiated through the room as Chris knelt down to present her with a single red rose. Alongside his balloon artistry, Chris played some enjoyable, classic songs that we all sang along to, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Fun was had by all, and we eagerly look forward to seeing Chris again soon!