Bee and Butterfly Feeder

22 June 2023

At Amberwood House, our new garden is blossoming into a wonderful outdoor space.

We’re filled with excitement as we observe the wildlife already attracted to the garden and eagerly work towards attracting more.

To familiarise ourselves with the various plants and trees in the garden, we’ve conducted research to enhance our knowledge. As the garden becomes a popular spot for local wildlife, we will continue our research to deepen our understanding of the garden’s inhabitants.

In particular, we have a strong desire to welcome more bees and butterflies to our garden. To achieve this, we have begun creating a dedicated water station, hoping it will serve as a haven for our special friends. The process of preparing the station, including painting and varnishing, has been thoroughly enjoyable. We’ve been fortunate to have lovely dry weather during this process.

With care, we cleaned stones and added a few marbles to complete the setup. Now, all that remains is to find the perfect spots for our bee and butterfly water stations. Throughout the summer, we will monitor these stations and capture plenty of photos to document the wonderful visitors they attract.