Edible Flowers?

18 January 2023

It was International Flower day soon, so we decided to incorporate our cooks club this week by making biscuits that were iced and then decorated with edible flowers.

Jean, one of our volunteers, helped us out to source some edible flowers. She dropped in the flowers she had found which were beautiful, when we offered her the funds to pay for them, she would except it, this was such a lovely kind gesture that we took a couple of photos of her handing the flowers to the residents. We made the biscuits, then placed them on a cooling tray to allow the biscuits to cool before we decorated them. To many of the residents it was the first time that they had come across such things as the edible flowers, so they were fascinated by them, and took great delight in placing the flowers on top of the iced biscuits.  Once the flowers had been put on all the biscuits, they went to the kitchen to set overnight. On International Flower Day, the residents were very excited when they saw the finished results and pleased to eat their biscuits with their afternoon cup of tea.