Feed The birds

21 February 2023

During our minibus trip today, we took a drive along Poole Quay to admire the sail boats and remind our residents of the lovely port that lies on our doorstep.

As we drove along the Quay and up to the kiosk, many residents started reminiscing about what they remembered most from their younger days and how much the area had changed, especially with the closure of Poole Pottery and the R.N.L.I station.

We then continued our trip into Poole Park, where many residents had visited with their children and grandchildren. Some recalled visiting the zoo and riding on the mini train that used to go around the track, with the whistle blowing as they passed pedestrians on the pathways.

When we stopped to have our cup of tea, I asked if anyone wanted to get off to feed the birds since the weather was relatively pleasant, despite it still being February. Noreen, Shirley, and Len all decided to alight from the minibus, but they wanted to use the stairs and handrail instead of the lift at the back.

This was a significant achievement for all three of them as they had to negotiate the steps, their feet, and use the handrail all at once. They all deserved a perfect score for their effort. Valerie also joined them to feed the birds, and we were cautious not to get too close to the water. Once back on the bus, everyone enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

Overall, it was a delightful, breezy afternoon that helped blow away the cobwebs.