Flower Pressing

28 February 2023

The flower arranging activity is beloved by the residents of our home, and they enjoy seeing the finished results on the dining room tables.

However, it was recently discussed that some of the flowers still had life left in them. As a result, we decided to upcycle them and try flower pressing.

To begin, we carefully selected the best of the old flowers and removed the stems and leaves we wanted to use. Each resident was then given a piece of newspaper and designed the layout they desired. They folded the newspaper and clearly wrote their name on it before placing it inside a heavy book. These books were then stacked on top of each other for three weeks.

During our next session, the residents unwrapped their newspapers and discovered that the flowers had pressed well. They then chose a coloured piece of paper and transferred their flowers onto it in a design of their choosing. Once satisfied with their designs, each piece was carefully placed in a laminate envelope and put through the laminator to seal it all together.

The results were fantastic, and some residents decided to display their designs as pictures in their bedrooms, while others chose to have their finished products cut down to create bookmarks. Overall, this activity was incredibly rewarding and allowed the residents to showcase their creativity and design skills while upcycling.