Manicure Evening in Your Rooms

4 January 2023

This evening was a relaxed 1 on 1 event for the residents that prefer to spend their days in a quieter environment, so don’t often come to our lounge activities.

I approached the residents after their evening meal in their rooms, to see if they would like some special pamper time with me, either having a tidy up of the nails, a hand massage, or the full works including painting and manicures.  One of our residents Wilma said she couldn’t remember the last time she had had her nails painted, but had often seen some of the other ladies in the dining room with beautifully polished nails. Wilma’s smile after I had finished her nails said it all. June was another of our residents who hasn’t had her nails painted in such a long time, and said it was because she “nibbles” her nails. We discussed the fact that one of Junes new years resolutions is to try and stop nibbling. We decided that by painting her nails June would be less tempted, and we took the photo so that hopefully, June will be able to see the difference.