School Holiday Bus Trip

25 July 2023

As we all know, school holidays can be a challenge for some parents, what to do?
where to go? how do we entertain the children? 

We went on a bus trip to Mudeford Quay, which on the first day of the school holidays was a risky choice, but as it turned out was an amazing experience for our lovely residents. Once at the Quay a couple of the residents got off the bus, stood by the Quayside, and watched the numerous children there crabbing. Some of the children had buckets and nets, whilst others had a crabbing line. We watched them for a bit and then very kindly one family allowed me to take their bucket full of crabs and shrimps back to the minibus to show the residents that had chosen not to get off.

Joan Woodard, another resident, was telling us that the black sparkly adult starlings are always happy to sit on your hands to eat food offered, but the juvenile brown ones are much more cautious and hesitant. They would fly towards an outstretched hand, but then change direction before landing. Joan was very happy to see the starlings landing on her walking trolley when she got off the bus. All the residents loved watching the birds landing on the bus driver Martin’s hand.