Sensory Touch

23 May 2023

As companions, it is important to think creatively and find new ways to meet the sensory needs of residents.

During a visit with one of the residents, Enid, who is unable to leave her bed, the goal was to engage her senses beyond regular chats and music sessions.

Playing bed balloon tennis with other residents gave the idea to include Enid as well. A balloon was placed in her hands without revealing what it was, prompting her to guess. Enid’s face lit up with a big smile as she exclaimed, “It’s a balloon!”

Building upon her response, the next step was to ask her to guess the colour of the balloon. After thoughtful consideration, Enid confidently replied, “Yellow.” When gently informed it wasn’t yellow, she asked for a clue. It was hinted that the colour was similar to that of a ladybird, and without hesitation, Enid guessed, “Red!” Her joy was evident when it was confirmed that she was correct.

This simple activity brought a heart-warming moment as Enid expressed genuine happiness in experiencing something different that day. The engagement of her senses not only provided stimulation but also brought a sense of accomplishment and joy.