The Barefoot Garden Club

9 May 2024

Lyn, our gardener, had the best idea today during our gardening club: walking ‘barefoot’ on the perfect lawn.

As we had experienced some sunshine over the past few days, the lawn was dry enough to walk on! Some of us, who were brave enough, went barefoot, while others kept their shoes on. A couple of us even dared to trust wheels on the grass. For those of us who went barefoot, it was a lovely feeling to have the grass beneath our feet; quite refreshing!

After we finished in the garden club, we sat down with a cool drink and checked on the progress of the sunflowers and sweet peas. Fingers crossed, they will be in the garden very soon.

We are looking forward to plenty more walks in the garden, watching our garden develop. And who knows, we may go barefoot again if the weather is kind to us!