The Sock Game

21 December 2023

The residents were split into two teams, one led by Companion Nicky and the other by Martin, our minibus driver.

Each team was given a sock containing thirty items.

The wheel was spun by the sock master, Companion Kirsty, and the landed item meant one member of each team had to race to find it in their sock.

The team that found the item the quickest earned a point, and at the game’s end, the team with the most points was declared the winner.

“Easy,” said John, but soon it became apparent that the tightly packed sock made finding the item not so easy.

The sock master, ensuring no peeking and only one hand in the sock, had stern words with one rule breaker—Nicky.

The sock master received some good-natured banter from team players claiming missing items or having different socks, but she was proven right.

As the teams raced for points, it was neck and neck into the last round.

The final challenge was to find the ping pong ball, the easiest item in the sock.

After much deliberation, it was deemed too close to call, and both teams were crowned winners.