Up & Out

13 May 2023

We set off on our walking adventure under a chilly but sun-filled sky, bundled up in warm attire.

Diane, our home manager, joined us in the reception area, ready to explore alongside us.

Instead of our usual route to the High-street, we opted to venture into the neighbouring streets, eager to admire the vibrant display of spring flowers in the gardens. And oh, what a sight it was! The gardens did not disappoint, revealing late blooming daffodils, enchanting bluebells, and delightful grape hyacinths. As we strolled, we exchanged stories of our own gardens, reminiscing about past parties and fondly recalling memories of loved ones who are no longer with us.

The walk was a beautiful blend of heartfelt tales, shared laughter, and the joy of connecting with nature. Upon our return to Amberwood, we couldn’t resist one last bit of fun—casting our votes on who was the superior wheelchair driver between Kirsty and Diane. We do love a good laugh and light-hearted banter! Irene and Don, ever fair-minded, decided it was best to declare us joint winners. We shall have to step up our game next time!

As we reflect on this delightful journey, we eagerly wonder where our next walking adventure will take us. The possibilities are endless, and the anticipation fills our hearts with excitement. Stay tuned for our next escapade!