We Are Always Ready For A Game…

5 January 2024

The dominoes were divided between the players, and the double six set was ready for the game to begin.

Judy was the first to go, and the train started in a straight line. Margaret was next up, followed by Marjorie.

We decided that the best of three would be the Domino queen, but being three competitive ladies meant that each lady had won a game.

So, a fourth round was played.

Judy wasn’t going to let this one go, though, and thought long and hard before setting her tile across the table.

She even tried to make branches of dominoes to confuse the other players. She kept a straight face and didn’t let anyone see what tiles she had.

There were plenty of laughs around the table, but her tactics worked as she was crowned the New Year Domino Queen.

Who will challenge her and potentially steal her crown?