Chatty Brian falls silent and ‘gives our home a break’ for Children in Need  

21 November 2021

Our lovely Brian dressed up as Pudsey and stayed completely silent for four hours to help residents and colleagues raise funds for Children in Need

Our popular Companion, Brian Knight stayed tight-lipped despite all manner of temptations put his way.

“It was really hard for him as he talks all the time,” said Companionship team colleague Sharon Surgeon. “We were joking beforehand that he would be giving the whole home a break, but he made it, and well done to him.”

After wearing a mask that read ‘I mustn’t talk’ all through his sponsored silence, Brian said: “It’s quite a challenge for someone as chatty as me to stay quiet for four hours in a Pudsey outfit and with people all around but I’m pleased to have achieved it and it’s all in a great cause.”

The residents’ day started with an inspection of teddy bears, some homemade, on display in the lounge.

It was accompanied by a quiz on the subject of bears and a discussion about all the different bears residents have heard of during their lives.

“At the same time, we’re always happy to help children who are disadvantaged as they deserve the very best of luck with their start in life.”

As well as Avon Cliff, which raised £70, there was Children in Need fun at other Colten Care homes across the South.

A five-hour indoor rowing machine challenge completed by Laura Sheldrake, Companionship team leader at St Catherines View, a dedicated dementia care home in Winchester, helped raise more than £130.

Laura said: “It was a long day and I was absolutely exhausted at the end but it was great fun. Colleagues kept me going with doughnuts and cake.”

Other activities at our homes included ‘spotty cupcake’ sales, dance challenges and pyjama-themed parties.