Our Gardens

At Colten Care, we pride ourselves on our beautiful and stimulating gardens. We recognise that many of our residents had such gardens themselves, and that gardening may have been a special pastime for them. We like to think that we can offer residents the opportunity to continue that pastime in whatever way they feel appropriate.

Whether you enjoy walking amongst the blossoming buds, or just simply wish to keep a watchful eye on the sparrows and squirrels, we hope you find a piece of the garden to make your own.

Above: Avon Cliff staff in our garden

"My name is Brett and I work in three Colten Care gardens: The Aldbury, Canford Chase and Avon Cliff. Working in the garden is not just a job to me, it is my passion. I really enjoy working outside (even if it's raining!) planting flowers, playing with colours, designing my gardens, and watching how everything changes during the seasons. I like to see all of nature connecting with my gardens, including bees, birds, insects, and butterflies - it's amazing. Residents have told me many times that they like to walk around the garden and see how everything grows and blooms. I think the most important part for them is that they participate in the creation of their garden. They can choose flowers they like the most and we can discuss which place will be best for planting them. For those residents that aren't able to venture into the garden, I like to ask them what flowers or plants they like the most and I try to plant them in front of their windows. The most important thing about my job is the feedback from my residents and their relatives. Residents will give compliments on how beautiful the gardens are and how they bring enjoyment to the home. I even receive thank you letters which makes me feel a real part of their life and inspires me to do even more!"

Brett Gill, Gardener at Avon Cliff

You can read more about the great work of our gardening team in this carehome.co.uk article