Anyone for Balloon Modelling

15 June 2023

Embracing the spirit of lifelong learning, we embarked on a delightful adventure during today’s silly skills session: balloon modelling!

With our upcoming summer BBQ on the horizon, we were eager to acquire a new skill that we could impress and entertain the younger members of our families with.

Balloon animals and hats seemed like the perfect choice! Our focus for the day was mastering the art of crafting balloon dogs, and oh boy, did we have a blast!

Amidst fits of laughter, we skilfully twisted and turned the balloons into a menagerie of whimsical creatures and whimsical hats. The room was filled with joy and excitement as each creation took shape in vibrant colours and various sizes.

It was a truly memorable experience that left us eagerly wondering: what marvellous creations will we conjure up during our next session? The possibilities are endless, and the laughter is guaranteed!