World Discovery Day at Bournemouth University

10 May 2024

This morning, we were kindly invited to Bournemouth University, for an event they held in their International College.

It was lovely meeting all the students as they were dressed in the traditional clothing from their countries. There were a few rooms with different activities within them.

One of the rooms was called the ‘Styling Room’ which was where you could try on the traditional clothing, have your nails and makeup done in the traditional manner. Judy enjoyed getting her make up done by some of the students and they even showed her how to put on a hijab!

There was also an ‘International foods’ room where there were many different foods from all around the world, that the ladies could try, and they both particularly enjoyed ‘Kompot’ that came from Poland.

Everyone was so welcoming, both Judy and Sheila had a fantastic time speaking to the students about their cultures and backgrounds. It was a really organised event and it was a great opportunity for our residents to meet new people and socialise.

We will be looking out for more cultural events, it was intriguing learning about other countries.