Basket Weaving

5 March 2023

Throughout history, settlers and travellers have needed a way to store and transport their belongings.

Baskets were one such solution, although they were made from materials like grass, straw, bark, or branches long before they could be bought. Today, we made baskets using yarn and paper templates. The paper template looked like an odd flower shape, but as we wove our chosen yarn under and over each ‘petal’, they drew together and upwards, forming a beautiful basket.

This technique, known as a tabby or plain weave, involved weaving the yarn in an ‘under, over, under’ pattern. We all found it to be a relaxing and mindful experience to concentrate on the rhythm of the weave, and it’s something we might do again. June particularly enjoyed working with the sunshine yellow yarn, as it reminded her of daffodils and sunflowers!