Welcoming Ducklings To The World

27 April 2023

A trio of ducklings have been brought safely into the world thanks to some tender love and attention from residents at our homes.

The new arrivals stole the limelight in the home after hatching out of their eggs in an incubator.

Resident Dorothy Elson said: “Some of us had ducks when we were younger so this took us down memory lane.

“It was truly wonderful to see them emerge and experience their first few days of life.”

Companionship Team Leader Sharon Semple said: “We think we had one boy and two girls – as the two girls were very bossy!

“We had various names for them but we settled on Ian for the boy and Julia and Ginger for the girls.

“We gave them their first bath a few days before they left us. It gave us an excuse to have another lovely cuddle with them when we were drying them off.

“It was brilliant for our residents to have the eggs and incubator here. There are lots of residents at Colten Care who grew up on farms or had animals when they were younger and they love the idea of seeing chicks being born.

“Julia, Ginger and Ian have now gone to live with a friend of one of our team members. We know they will be well looked after and we’ll be staying up to date on their progress.”


Residents and staff at some of our sister homes have also been hatching chicks and duck eggs this spring, with several new arrivals being born in incubators at Court Lodge in Lymington and Newstone House in Sturminster Newton, Dorset.

The babies tend to stay for up to two weeks before going to a permanent home.