Astonished & Overjoyed To ‘Host’ Her Son’s Wedding

17 May 2023

To enable one of our residents to see her son exchange vows with his fiancée, we secretly transformed their room into a beautiful wedding chapel,

Janet Towers, is no longer able to travel. But it was her dearest wish to see her son John Towers’ wedding to his partner Sarah-jane.

Janie Wilkins, Home Manager of Belmore Lodge said: “When we learned that Janet may have to miss the wedding, we knew that simply wouldn’t do.

“So, we told a little fib and asked Janet if we could dress her room for a marketing promotion, to show how we can accommodate special occasions.

“Janet agreed and this gave us the opportunity to transform her room and of course dress her accordingly, as the beautiful Mother of the Groom!

“One significant detail was left out though, and that was that we would be re-creating John’s upcoming wedding.”

Janet’s room was adorned with flowers and had a wedding arch.

“Just before the ‘photoshoot’ I told Janet we had a surprise and gave her the order of service for John’s wedding,” continued Janie.

“She said: “But I can’t go!” and I said: “No, so they are coming to you!

“When John and Sarah-jane came into the room, with Sarah-jane’s two other sons Joshua and Gabriel, everyone was so overwhelmed and emotional.

“We left them together for a few minutes to hug and compose themselves.”

The happy couple went on to read the same vows they would say be saying in their Register Office ceremony and exchanged rings. There was also a reading by one of Janet’s fellow residents, Davina Shelley.

“It was absolutely beautiful with lots of happy tears and of course Janet was overjoyed,” said Janie.

Everyone then enjoyed cake and toasted the newlyweds with pink fizz.

Janet said: “I had no idea this was going to happen, but I can’t thank everyone enough.

“I didn’t think I would be able to part of John and Sarah-jane’s wedding, but I was, and I loved every single moment of it. Thank you so much to everyone who made my wish possible.”

Janet’s son John said: “My wife and I are extremely grateful to Janie and all the staff at Belmore Lodge who made our special day so memorable. To have mum at our wedding was truly the icing on the cake (wedding)!”

Janie continued: “At Colten Care we always try to achieve the impossible, ensuring that our residents continue to live a fulfilled life surrounded by their family and friends.

“We all feel deeply privileged to have been able to see Janet share this precious day with John and Sarah-jane.

“And in an added twist, we have also been delighted to welcome a new ‘Mrs Towers’ to Belmore Lodge:

“Sarah-jane has been so impressed by everything she has seen at Belmore Lodge she has joined our Companionship team and will now be spending even more time with her new mum-in-law Janet.”