Dotty’s 99th Birthday

23 June 2023

Dotty, our beloved resident, dedicated the entire morning to getting ready for the most incredible party at Belmore Lodge, as she celebrated her 99th birthday.

She carefully put together a coordinated outfit, adding a touch of glamour with a tiara she saves for special occasions.

Dotty specifically chose to have her birthday party at Belmore because she wanted to share this special day not only with her family but also with her cherished friends.

We transformed our garden lounge into a dazzling space with gold and cream decorations, and to add that extra sparkle, we filled the room with numerous helium balloons in the shape of the number 99.

Our talented chef created a delightful buffet, making sure to include all her favourite dishes. Additionally, our chef prepared a stunning birthday cake, while Dotty’s daughter Trisha brought in champagne for a special toast.

Dotty extended her invitation to both the staff and residents of Belmore, inviting them all to join her in celebrating. Many of her family members travelled long distances to be by her side to celebrate. To make the party even more enchanting, Dotty’s daughter arranged for Dotty’s favourite magician to perform an enthralling magic show, not only for Dotty but also for the enjoyment of our residents.