Picking Vegetables

7 July 2023

During a delightful afternoon garden walk, we made a check on the vegetable plants our dedicated gardener had started for us.

As we examined them, our resident Dotty noticed that some of them were ready to be harvested before they went bad. With Dotty and Mo’s guidance and instructions, we gathered a box and carefully picked the ripe vegetables. Among them were beetroot, shallots, onions, as well as some lettuce and parsley from our salad and herb raised bed.

Dotty and Mo were eager to take the freshly picked produce into the kitchen for our talented chef, Gary, to work his magic. Dotty even requested a delicious beetroot sandwich for her supper, and Gary happily agreed. This experience brought back fond memories for both Dotty and Mo, as they recalled their own days of growing vegetables.

It was a special reminder of the joy and satisfaction that comes from cultivating and enjoying homegrown produce. The connection to nature and the opportunity to taste the fruits of our labour brought immense delight to all involved.