Flippin’ marvellous as one of our New Forest care home cooks up Pancake Day ‘record’

13 February 2024

Chefs at one of our New Forest care home’s flipped hundreds of pancakes so residents could attempt an audacious bid at a Guinness World Record for stacking.

As a fun way to spend Pancake Day afternoon, residents at Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst managed place 214 pancakes on top of each other.

Staff had earlier found out that the official Guinness World Record for the tallest stack of pancakes is 213 pancakes, achieved by two chefs at Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest – so they decided Woodpeckers would try and go one better.

Woodpeckers Head Chef Brian Pearce said: “We actually made 325 pancakes in total so there were enough to play around with.

“We sourced 12 kilos of powder mix from a dairy and one of our chefs spent eight hours making it into pancakes for the day.”

Residents then went hands-on, lifting the nine-inch diameter pancakes out of trays and assembling them into the stack.

One member of the construction team, Eileen Morgan, said: “We thought at first that it would be really easy to stack them but as it went on, it got harder and harder. It was like a game of Jenga.

“When we discovered there was a record to beat, we became more determined than ever. It was a fabulous afternoon. We really enjoyed having a go at it.”

Companionship Team Leader Jane Bunker said: “We realised very quickly that there is an art to stacking pancakes.

“At 100 the tower was wobbling but no one wanted to give up and with a steady hand and encouragement from fellow residents, we made it to 214 pancakes.

“Luckily it stood long enough for a photo before it tumbled.

“Much fun and laughter was had throughout and afterwards the residents all enjoyed warm pancakes with traditional toppings of lemon and sugar or maple syrup.”

Those helping the stacking alongside Eileen and Jane were residents June Farrow and Shelia Burn and Companionship Team member Sian Harris.

Sian said: “We didn’t manage to get anyone in to officially verify this as a Guinness World Record but we might revisit it next year. It was really all about having a fun afternoon for Pancake Day.”