Tea with the Mad Hatter & Friends

21 April 2023

There is nothing more classically British than afternoon tea, which makes National Tea Day, April 21, a wildly popular occasion in the country.

This love of tea dates back centuries and this fondness seems to only get stronger with time! National Tea Day’s slogan is “Brew More. Do More.” The vision is to inspire special moments with tea. This afternoon we held a very special afternoon tea and invited several characters along to share it with us.

Excitement and conversation filled the air as friends hurried to the Malt Hall hoping to get a front row seat for the festivities. Once everyone was seated a hush came over the Hall, and as if by magic the Mad Hatter appeared accompanied by Alice, but somebody was missing.

A few minutes later, bursting through the door came a breathless white rabbit, “I’m late I’m late for a very important date”, was all he could manage to say… well better late than never rabbit!

Throughout the afternoon the audience was treated to music played by Kevin on keyboard with a break halfway through to enjoy the delicious tea that chef had provided. During tea the assembled company were joined by the King and Queen of hearts and the ace of diamonds.

After tea Kevin, continued playing several popular songs from the musicals which had everybody tapping their feet and singing along.

Soon it was time for the Mad Hatter and his friends to say goodbye and return to Wonderland, but not before one last photo call and a promise to return soon. Who knows next time the white rabbit might just be on time.