Wellington Grange’s ‘community spirit and generosity’ boosts foodbank

16 February 2024

Foodbank organisers have praised residents and staff of Wellington Grange care home for what they describe as a ‘remarkable demonstration of community spirit and generosity’.

It follows a year of fundraising at Wellington Grange which featured activities such as a summer fete, Christmas fair, dog show and craft and cake sales.

At a presentation at the Broyle Road home, a total of £776.38 was handed over to Joanna Kondabeka, Chief Executive of Chichester District Foodbank.

With her were Wellington Grange residents who chose the foodbank as their main charity to help over the past year and who personally supported the home’s fundraising by making crafts for sale, manning stalls at various events and sponsoring staff initiatives.

Joanna said: “We rely solely on the generosity of the local community and we are so grateful to the residents and staff of Wellington Grange.

“Their contribution is a remarkable demonstration of community spirit and generosity.

“The money they have raised will go towards feeding and supporting households who are facing hardship at this time. This donation will help around 100 people.”

Among the Wellington Grange residents at the presentation was Cynthia Wearne, who said: “It was lovely to be part of the fundraising efforts this year, and then to finish it off with Joanna coming in and telling us where the money is going and who we will be helping with the donation.”

With them was Wellington Grange Companionship Team Leader Heather Pearce, one of the staff members who helped to facilitate residents’ involvement in supporting the foodbank.

Heather said: “It has been a privilege to raise money for such a worthwhile local charity. Residents chose to go for a local foodbank amid much public attention on the cost of living crisis and people struggling with things like feeding their own children. It felt right.”

Run in partnership with local churches, Chichester District Foodbank is part of a network of foodbanks, supported by the Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

Since opening in 2012, Chichester District Foodbank has given out more than 42,000 food parcels. It is based at The Family Centre in Orchard Street, Chichester, and uses St John’s Hall as a warehouse.