Take a Virtual Tour around Bourne View

For the first time ever, Colten Care offers an exciting opportunity to look around our newest care home through a virtual tour. Virtually tour around some of the key interior and exterior spaces and click on the markers for more information.

While we recommend that the best way to view our home is by visiting in person, our state of the art virtual tour provides a convenient 'first view'.

We have split our virtual tour into three 'spaces'; the ground floor and first floor, the second floor, and the Canopy Café and Roof Terrace. Below each tour you will find a floorplan detailing the areas which can be accessed through our virtual tours. Click on the blue pins throughout our tours to find out more information about our home.

To navigate around the home, simply use your cursor to click on the floor in the direction you wish to travel. This will then virtually move you through the home and into a selection of rooms. Alternatively, click the floorplan icon in the bottom left corner of each of our tours to have the option to select a specific room to explore.

Bourne View Ground Floor and First Floor


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Bourne View Ground Floor, floor plan
Bourne View First Floor, Floor Plan

Clarice Cliff Suite Bedroom and Second Floor


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Bourne View Second Floor, Floor Plan

Bourne View Canopy Café and Roof Terrace


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Bourne View Canopy Café and Roof Terrace Floor Plan