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Barry's Special Request

PhotoCollage_1631954693215Barry set Brian from the companionship team a challenge as a special request. It all started when Barry started finding normal cups too heavy to hold once full. At our last event ‘The Great Dorset Tea Party’ Barry had a cup of tea from a bone China cup & saucer which he found a lot easier and a lot lighter to hold when drinking. This was when he approached Brian and said, ‘I would love to have a China cup and saucer, can you get me one please?’. The challenge was accepted… Brian was now on a mission, and yes he managed to find yes 2 sets for Barry. 

Barry's eyes lit up, and he had a huge smile on his face when Brian made his wish come true, “wow that was quick, a big thank you for going the extra mile for me, I really appreciate it!” Barry exclaimed! “They won’t be leaving my side” he then voiced!