Garden Club

3 April 2023

Our gardener, Sarah, recently hosted another Garden Club session on the theme of Spring.

The session began with a musical interlude, where we listened to some of Vivaldi’s “Spring” from The Four Seasons. This was followed by a reading of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem of the same name. The residents then got their hands dirty by planting different types of pea seeds, including edible peas and sweet peas. Once matured in the greenhouse, these will be transferred to the garden and placed around a cane wigwam, allowing anyone to enjoy a fresh pea straight from the pod.

After the planting session, we held a brainstorming session to gather flower ideas for the upcoming produce show on the theme of the coronation. Some residents even contributed to the event by creating artwork with ideas for a suitable flower arrangement. Overall, it was a lovely and gently busy afternoon enjoyed by all.