Morning Minibus Trip to Amesbury Museum

12 March 2024

This morning, we decided to visit the Amesbury Museum, and we were amazed by the fantastic facilities there.

The museum’s location is ideal, and the accessibility for viewing artifacts and enjoying refreshments is top-notch. Upon arrival, we explored the large hall at the rear of the building showcasing local artists’ works.

It was a delight to engage with two artists who were present to discuss their pieces with visitors. Following a coffee break and a browse through the gift shop, we proceeded upstairs to the main hall.

Inside, we encountered a diverse array of boards, pictures, relics, and even a life-sized raft and oars that were once used on the nearby Avon River, just 500 meters away from the Museum.

The experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and we unanimously agreed that a return visit to the museum is a must in the future!