Wartime memories as residents join community parade

Our residents joined their community’s Remembrance parade to honour the service and sacrifice of those who have died in conflict
Pamela and Trevor Clark and David Vincent represented our home at the event in West Moors.

David, who served in the Navy as an engineer, said he was thrilled to be invited to attend the parade down to the Petwyn war memorial.
David said: “It’s very important to me to remember those who have lost their lives in battle.

“It was wonderful to see so many people of all ages also showing their support.”
An old military jeep that featured in the commemoration reminded Trevor of his time as a young child growing up in the village of Warboys near Huntingdon.

[caption id="attachment_5129" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Brook View residents Trevor Clark, left, and David Vincent in West Moors for the Remembrance parade[/caption]

Trevor said: “I remember when I about five years old and the Americans from the nearby base would give us children from the village rides in their jeeps around the fields.

“They also would offer lifts to anybody who needed it so that they could stay in favour with the villagers.”

Tunde Zsiko, our Customer Advisor, who accompanied the residents at the commemoration, said: “While this was a sombre occasion, it was lovely to see our residents reminiscing.”

Life’s a beach as residents recreate the seaside

Residents showed how much they love to be beside the seaside – without leaving the comfort of their lounge
While there are regular summer trips from our home to nearby coastal beauty spots, there are some residents who do not tend to go for different reasons.

So our team members decided to ‘bring the seaside to the home’, transforming the lounge into a fun beachscape complete with sand, buckets and spaces, ‘rockpools’, ice cream and even a candy floss machine.

Residents made balloons in the shape of sea creatures such as octopuses and there were competitions involving rockpool fishing and building sandcastles.
Our Companionship Team Leader Sarah Moule said: “We thought it would be a great idea to host a beach-themed day here at the home as not everyone can always get out to the seaside.
“Also, we did it in response to a request from one of the regulars on our minibus trips, Daphne Simpson.

[caption id="attachment_5105" align="alignnone" width="683"] Resident Daphne Simpson, enjoying her time at the seaside in an event that was laid on particularly for her. [/caption]

“When we go to the coast, Daphne always wants to get her feet wet. It’s the same with the New Forest, she will want to find a pool to go paddling in.

“Seaside holidays tend to give us some of our happiest memories – and the same goes for our residents including Daphne.
“Most of them spent time enjoying beaches and coastal trips in their youth and so having the seaside brought to Brook View was a lovely experience for them. It generated a lot of discussions about holidays in years gone by.”
Daphne said: “I really enjoyed the day, especially when we were making sandcastles. It was just like a good old-fashioned day at the seaside, full of fun and games.”