Christmas With The Salvation Army

23 December 2023

Companion Elizabeth brought an afternoon of music and prose to the residents at Brook View with her background from the Salvation Army.

She sang a couple of solos and read poetry from a previous General of the Salvation Army.

The hours’ entertainment included six popular carols that some of the residents had said were their favourites, all accompanied by brass band backing.

Another song called ‘Noel’ was quite new to them, although Elizabeth had taught this to them a few days previously.

There was also one called ‘A Starry Night’, written by Major Joy Webb, founder of ‘The Joy Strings’ from the 1960s, which had a very catchy tune.

A highlight was a timbrel display to ‘Christmas Joy.

Everyone showed their appreciation of a joyful afternoon with a round of applause and a thank you from them all. Christmas had certainly arrived at Brook View!