The History of Saddlery for Heritage Crafts Month

10 January 2023

This month the residents are learning about Heritage Crafts.

This month the residents are learning about Heritage Crafts – Crafts that are at risk of being consigned to the history books as there isn’t people out there continuing to learn the trade and skills involved.  Knowing that Saddlery Making was on the list I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to bring in a selection of my own saddlery and harness as worn by my Shire Horses, so the residents could not only learn, but get hands on with equipment they may not have seen up close before.

I brought in a Saddle, side-saddle, Heavy Horse Collar with Brass Hames, Driving bridle and selection of normal riding bridles and brasses from my show harness – some with bells.

At the end of the talk, I invited residents to have there photo taken, and three came forward with Pamela shocking us all, by wanting to sit on the saddle – which she did with amazing ease! It caused a lot of laughs and she very my enjoyed the opportunity. I think Shirley Jolliffe would have done too, but she remarked she would have preferred the horse to be under the saddle too – as a former horse rider, she is very much missing riding, but she really appreciated the talk today as it brought back lots of happy memories.