What a Hoot We Had!

22 May 2024

With some trepidation and armed with packed lunches, we set off for the Liberty Raptor Centre in Ringwood.

Our concern stemmed from the weather forecast, which predicted torrential rain that could have led to the cancellation of the flying demonstrations. Fortunately, we only experienced a few short showers, allowing us to enjoy two displays featuring a Great Grey Owl, a Peregrine Falcon, a Kookaburra, two African Hooded Vultures (one named Fester), and an Eagle Owl.

Additionally, there was a beautiful fish pond with enormous Koi Carp and a Reptile House where we saw a boa constrictor, a stunning iguana, and some magnificent spiders, all safely behind glass.

We concluded our trip with a visit to the café for coffee and cake. Everyone expressed their joy at having had such a wonderful day out.