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Poetry in Motion

Poets Corner

This afternoon residents enjoyed an afternoon of poetry in the garden. We found a lovely cool shady area which residents quickly nicknamed Poets Corner and looked at quirky ways of creating poetry. First we experimented with the idea of Crazy Ice cream Flavours (such as ‘Heavenly Honey Hamburger’ and Banana Butterscotch Baked Bean’) then we moved on to Concrete Poetry where we started with the shape of an apple and thought of everything we could to do with apples before crafting a poem and writing it around the apple shape, we moved on to the rhythmic style of Haiku’s and quickly composed three with lots of discussion about which words to use and how to phrase the lines, finally we decided to tackle another concrete poem as that had been the most fun, so we finished with ‘Use your loaf’ – everyone agreed they’d had a lovely and unusual afternoon.