A trip to Westbourne

18 November 2022

Yola requested with the companionship team to visit Westbourne to do some shopping.

Of course, we jumped at the chance to help Yola with a shopping trip to Westbourne. With the help of our friendly minibus driver Karen, we hopped onto the minibus and took a drive to Westbourne. Along the way we discussed the places we saw and how the shops have change. Our Lovely Yola wished to visit one of her go to store when buying gifts for new mums. JoJo Maman Bebe is located on Westbourne High street and has a variety of items for new-born’s, children and expecting parents.  Yola had something special in mind for a little bundle of Joy due in March. Once paid and the item was wrapped and we headed back to the bus to return to Canford Chase. Upon returning to Canford Chase we enjoyed a well deserved cup of tea.