Easter Sunday

9 April 2023

Easter is a special day at Canford Chase, filled with love and laughter.

Throughout the day, there were many activities for the residents to participate in, including word games, an Easter egg hunt, and more. After a lovely Easter-themed lunch, we headed out into the garden for an egg hunt, taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine.

There was much laughter and egg-hunting for everyone, and all were winners with some of the eggs containing hidden surprises and Easter-themed jokes. We also had an Easter-themed lucky dip, in which everyone was a winner.

Win told me that it felt like being at a fair but without having to leave home. Peggy asked if it had taken long to set up everything, as she remembers it always taking less time to find everything than it did to set it all up.

We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you had a wonderful day too!