Gardening Club

21 March 2023

Since the weather outside was gloomy and rainy, we made the most of our time indoors and started planting seeds for our home’s garden.

After much discussion and consideration, we decided on the types of seeds to plant. We chose sunflowers, basil for the chefs, and edible flowers like Nasturtium. For our gardening soil, we opted for organic soil from a local supplier. While working with the soil, we discovered a worm, whom we affectionately named Cedric. We released Cedric back into the wild so he could continue his journey. Peggy, particularly fond of sunflowers, was eager to keep all the sunflower seeds for herself.

To finish the afternoon, we put up bird boxes that were generously donated by a family member to the home. As we were setting up, a little finch observed us with keen interest and came closer to see what was happening. We hope to soon have a nesting family of birds in our bird boxes.