International Nurses Day

15 May 2023

This afternoon, we organised a delightful gathering to honour our amazing Nursing team.

We hosted an afternoon tea party in the dining room, and the residents joined in the celebration. The room was set up with lovely balloons, and the tables were beautifully decorated with vibrant colours. We even had rainbow-colored napkins to add a special touch.

There was lots of delicious food on offer, including a splendid cake specially made for the nurses. They had a wonderful time, coming together, relaxing, and engaging in conversations. It was heart-warming to witness the camaraderie and joy in the room.

To show our appreciation, each nurse received a thoughtful gift bag. We also extended our gratitude to the residents who had been nurses in their lifetime by presenting them with gift bags as well. They were truly touched by the gesture and and they thoroughly enjoyed their gifts.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon and we expressed our gratitude to the chef for the exquisite cake that added an extra touch of sweetness to the occasion.