Social Gathering

18 September 2023

We held a ‘Cheese & Wine’ social at Canford Chase recently.

A couple of weeks ago the Companionship Team were asked if we could have ‘Cheese & Biscuits’ one afternoon. We said of course we can and would you like a few extra accompaniments too? So, we set to work to make a social event at the home. We had light music playing from big bands in the background.

The tables were laden with an array of different plates for everyone to try different flavoured cheeses and chutneys. We had the firm favourites at the home; Cheddar & Blue Cheese (Danish Blue). We also included Smoked Australian Cheddar, Cranberry Wensleydale and Spring Onion Red Leicester, plus a selection of Dairy Free alternatives for all to enjoy. A selection of biscuits accompanied with two chutneys, apple and pear and caramelised onion. We couldn’t forget to include the humble pickled onion as well! We had two wines of choice by Wild Valley; a white and a rose. The rose was the popular choice with Marian Martin saying to keep the white for another day to enjoy together again. As the conversation flowed, we had family members come and say hello as they headed to visit their loved ones.

The afternoon ended with many asking if we could do this monthly as it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.